Busembatia Christian Community School

Pastor Dauson Musasizi // Busembatia, Uganda
I met Pastor Dauson Musasizi when we visited World Embrace in Gulu, Uganda. He was  participating in a leadership conference for ministers in the area to teach about his sustainable farming methods and the “ 1 acre” farm. Dauson, has a wonderful story of overcoming and through God’s grace and  blessing has become one of the leading farmers in Uganda > www.busogafarmersresourcecentre.org

I spent quite a bit of time learning about his farming methods and the story of the Christian school, he and his wife heavily support and where his children attend and the immediate need he has for assistance to keep it from folding.

Through Dauson’s work as a local pastor and his work at the school, the school was thriving and growing on a very limited Budget.  Dauson’s farm provides all of the food for the children daily and from his farming proceeds he has been paying 16 teachers monthly the equivalent of 21.00 USD to teach.  This is all he can personally do. (In Uganda all schools are paid for by the families. There is no government funding of schools.)

In the recent years, the Muslim leadership locally, has been displeased with the success of Busembatia Christian School and that there have been many converts of Muslim students and teachers to Christianity.

Because of this, and in order to drive the Christian school out of business, they opened a Muslim school in the same area as the Christian school and offered “ free” education that the teachers 85.00 USD per month  to entice both students and teachers to leave the Christian School.

Because this is such a poor area, their plan has begun to work. The Christian school has lost both teachers and students.  Without some type of intervention, the school will significantly reduce in size if not close.

After hearing this  and getting to know Dauson and the strong determined Godly influence he and his wife and family are in the community, I told him we would help.

If he could pay his teachers an equivalent of 85.00 per month sustainably for 2 years, he felt he could grow the school to a level that it would be sustainable  and would continue to grow. Our goal is to help him do just this.

Dauson will in turn help us develop both 1 acre farms in  Kidera and in Gulu.

Project: Teacher

To find a sponsor to help support the monthly salary of each teacher at a minimum $65.00 USD per month for a 2 year period. The sponsors would also continually pray for the teacher and the school.

Budget: 16 sponsors @ $65.00/mo each

Project: Facility

To help with facility projects to repair and improve the failing brick and mortar and also the toilet areas.

Budget: $2500.00