Remand Children’s Prison

World Embrace // Gulu, Uganda

After 20 years of war at the hand of Joseph Kony, Northern Uganda was left devastated, both people and Wildlife were affected. While slowly rebuilding, the city of Gulu, now claims the largest population in the world of people under the age of 30.

Because of the loss of parents, many children grew up on the streets or without parents. Many youth still find themselves either on the streets today or with little means and no place to live and therefore turn to crime.

The Remand Children’s prison houses generally 60 of these young men and young women accused of crimes in the Gulu area while they await their hearing. The conditions are meager and much of the time there is not adequate nutrition or clothing.

World Embrace of Gulu, has stepped in and assisted these young men and women by upgrading facilities, providing mattresses , and teachers for their daily schooling. They have also sponsored local artists to teach and facilitate mural painting.

Still very much in need is clothing suitable for each youth’s hearing and also the need for additional occupation training and a fresh food source. Since the Ugandan Government supplies very little, Psalm of the Wild along with our sister organization “Women & Wildlife, Inc “ a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, have set up a project to provide for these needs.

This is a one time project to supply the funds needed to purchase 10 sewing machines plus fabric and a training to train the youth in the area of tailoring (most clothing in Uganda is handmade). Tailoring is a viable skill for both men and women alike.

We are also partnering with World Embrace to build a 1-acre teaching farm at the new World Embrace 20 acre community farm just outside of Gulu. This will give the young men and women an opportunity to learn the skills needed to successfully farm while also providing them with fresh vegetables regularly.

Providing sustainable skills and food sources for the future of these at risk young men & women that can become leaders in their communities in the future.

Project: Tailor Training

To help provide needed uniforms, occupational training and food for these “at risk” youth to help change hearts and minds.

10 Sewing Machines – $1400; Fabric for 100 uniforms – $1000; Training – $600; Repairs – $100; World Embrace – $120

Budget: $3320

Project: Food & Farming

1-acre of land – provided by World Embrace; Water Well – $3500; Initial Planting (Banana, Pineapple, Citrus, Vegetables) – $3000; Labor and Instruction – donated

Budget: $6500