Kidera Village Church

Farming Project // Kidera, Uganda

Kidera Village Church is comprised of 150 – 200 families, meeting in a large pole Hut. They are a faithful group of Christians, many recently accepted Christ. Pastor Robert Kubikurilwa his wife, live in the village and lead this group of Christians. It is a very poor community – with little way to eat or earn an income. They are in the process of attempting to build a Mud brick church building in an oven they built themselves and they harvest the mud for the brick as well.

Witch doctors and witchcraft still knock at the door of these people regularly promising the things they need to survive. In our visit to this village in January, we delivered 50 bibles in the Luganda native language and gave 1 to each family including Pastor Robert (he did not have a bible) . They were so happy and as a result more people are coming to this church weekly.

This is a strong group of people with strong leadership and support locally. If they developed a consistent food source and more income they would be a church that can sustain itself and the needs of the people met by Christ followers further developing the faith they need to close the door to Witchcraft and be a light in their district.

Project: Farm

Build a Community Farm and supply additional needed bibles for instruction and teaching. 1 acre of land adjacent to existing land.

The community farm would be owned by the church and used to train and teach members how to farm sustainably which also providing needed food and income for the Church to grow. 

Land: $1,500.00

Supplies, plants, & seeds: $2,500.00

Project: Water Well

Digging a well

Budget: $3,500