Light of Hope Nursery & Primary School Project

Pastor John Sessbambulidde // Miwuula, Kalungu District, Uganda

John SessbambuliddeIn Uganda, the government does not provide any support for education. All education is self funded. Most parents have little to no means to educate their children, especially those living in small villages in the bush.

In 2016, several small villages came together to provide their children as much opportunity as they could to learn to read, write and do math. The Light of Hope Nursery and Primary school was formed.

As you see, the school consists of a pole structure with dirt floor (metal roof was added in 2019). The school rents the land of approximately 1.5 acres. John Sessbambulidde, a missionary from Kampala has been assisting the school in raising outside funds to help with school supplies, shoes, uniforms and also in 2019, a toilet facility. The children walk several miles daily to and from school and many haul water from the nearby drainage as there is no running water in the school or villages.

Last month the land owner decided to sell the land to a wealthy man that is buying up the land in that area. After intervention, he agreed to give the school 8 months to find another place to meet or be off of the property.

Psalm of the Wild along with Women & Wildlife, are seeking to help them purchase this land to keep their school here permanently as well as add a means to filter or pump water, and to upgrade their facilities.

Approximately 1,500 children are in the proximity of this school with about 180 of this number attending regularly. There are over 5,000 men, women and children in this area that would benefit and be influenced by this action.

This would be an amazing mission project for a church – to purchase the land and develop a Christian school – This area is comprised of some Christian, but mostly catholic and muslim religious faiths.

Project: Property

To support the needs of a large group of families to provide an education for their children and in turn influence their lives for the better.

Purchase of 1-2 acres land, including legal fees and boundary marking. 

Budget: $2500

Project: Facility & Water

Improvements to the school & water access & treatment.

Budget: $5000