People Efforts 


Founded last year in 2019, Psalm of the Wild has immense passion surrounding efforts to support the not just wildlife, but Ugandans as well. By partnering with authentic artisans producing handmade Jewelry and Bags we are able to provide an outlet for their products to reach far beyond the borders of Uganda. Our efforts currently reach 10 villages providing income to those who rely heavily on their craft skills to survive. We recognize great needs with-in these communities such as churches, farming, and schools. We will strive to extend our reach to even greater causes as our new organization continues to grow.

Our founder, Marci Hicks, stays in continuous contact with the men and women of Uganda. She has built genuine relationships and is able to understand their needs on a personal level. The projects to build up these communities have been named “People Efforts”. Through these efforts you will get to know the communities being supported. As you learn of these communites you will become familiar with the immediate goals they feel will best benefit their needs. Your donations will go directly to the story or stories that most capture your heart.

People Efforts Highlight

The Light of Hope School

School in Uganda is a true privilege that most Ugandan children do not get to experience. The government of Uganda does not provide funding for education. Every school that is founded is soley supported by parents and inconsistent outside funding. For the villages far out in the bush this poses obvious problems as money is inconsistent. In Uganda’s Miwuula region, several villages came together in 2016 and founded The Light of Hope Nursery and Primary school. The hopes of their children being able to read, write and do math was motivation enough for parents to rent a small lot of land. On this, they built a humble schoolhouse for the 1,500 children in the surrounding villages to have access to.

The children who  attend Light of Hope eagerly walk several miles daily to and from their villages to learn, as well as haul water back home from the drainage system near the school.

Both of these attractions make this lot of land invaluable to these villages. This land will soon be sold to out from under them. They have 8 months to raise $2,500 to officially buy their beloved lot of land. If they fail, they will be back to ground zero. The land and its infrastructure might not look like much, but is a place of higher education, community and inspiration to build a better life to all those who use it. If you wish to learn more about this effort as well as see more photos, please click here.