The Makers at Psalm of the Wild

The products and who makes them

Palm and Banana


Sustainable Cotton


Custom Paperbead 


Our Palm and Banana Fiber Bags

Cisy Matovu, age 55, began weaving 20 years ago.  She has 9 children and hires other women to assist her in bag weaving.  Making and selling her bags gives Cisy the money to put her 9 children through school and her business provides other ladies in Luwero Busika, Uganda the opportunity to also learn this skill and provide for their families as well.  She is seen as a leader in her community and she influences and advises other young women. 

Cisy’s team currently includes Christine Nabukenya, age 20, who has been weaving since age 10 and Judith Kyabasinga who is 45 years old and has 7 children.

Christina put herself through school with the income from the bags she made.  This job currently allows her to live on her own, support herself and handle life issues as they arise without the help of a husband. She hopes to marry one day but can do so for love and companionship rather than for a need for income.

Judith has been weaving and making bags for 4 years. Because of this work she has social network of women and she is able to care for her children on her own since she does not have a husband. The income from bag making, has allowed Judith to develop a small pig farm for additional food and income for her family.

Our Sustainable Cotton Produce Bags

Agnes Oroma, a single mother of 3 beautiful boys from Gulu, Uganda, has experienced many disappointments in life but believes in God’s faithfulness and works hard. She currently works a full time and is a talented seamstress after hours to help pay for her son’s school fees.

In Uganda, the government doesn’t provide education, so parents must pay for their children from early childhood for education. Agnes is also currently the leading female marathon runner in Northern Uganda. Agnes has designed and makes all of our produce bags.

Our Custom Paperbead Wildlife Bracelets

 Our beautifully made wildlife bracelets are produced by the women at Bead for Life in Kampala, Uganda. This amazing organization hires and supports women that have been disadvantaged to learn the beautiful skill of making hand rolled and lacquered paper beads. Working with Bead for Life, gives these women hope, a hand up and income to help their families achieve a better life. Many of the women go on to start their own businesses as a result of their training with Bead for Life and Street Business School.