Welcome from Marci Hicks, Founder

Welcome to Psalm of the Wild! 

Hello, my name is Marci Hicks and I am the founder and CEO of Psalm of the Wild.   This project has grown with love out of God’s blessing, the efforts of many wonderful people in the USA and Uganda and … our desire to demonstrate the love, mercy and compassion of God by helping “at risk   people and Wildlife. 

Approximately 2 years ago, I met John Ssebambulidde, via social media and embarked on a small mission to help him help the children of Light of Hope School, a primary school of very basic means about 2 hours outside of Kampala.   John proved to have an amazing heart for children and for people and soon we branched into other small efforts to support a church near Kidera village. 

It became apparent that earning, even a meager living was difficult in Uganda, but especially in the bush and especially for women. 

Women are most affected by lack of opportunity as they typically are charged with providing food, clothing and shelter for their families. While being hardworking and talented, the economy and culture  has been inadequate to afford them the opportunities they needed to succeed. 

Psalm of the Wild was born out of our desire to help women improve their lives by partnering with them to sell their beautiful products but also to help the endangered wildlife struggling in the region as well. 

After our last trip to Africa, we also felt led to bring other worthy projects before you, to give you the blessing of helping support and improve the lives of so many children and families in need in Uganda  

As you browse through our site, I hope you feel a connection with the amazing women we work with, the people projects, that give a “ hand up”  and the wildlife efforts we help. 

Your purchase will help those women that make our beautiful jewelry, bags and other items and 25% of the purchase price will help support the endangered wildlife Uganda and the surrounding regions. 

We cannot make a BIG difference in this wonderful world without your patronage and support. 

Thank you for partnering with us!

— Marci Hicks